Union Chef

  • Our Union Chef Preps for Turkey Day

    By Michael Messina

    The biggest comfort-food spread of the year is about to grace our tables with its rich hues of golden brown, bright orange and cranberry red. And the Union Chef here at Labor 411 has reminded us that this is a great opportunity to eat our way to a better America. The shopping list for Thanksgiving is always a long one and we’ve put ours together with Turkey Day necessities that will support good jobs.

  • Union Chef: Matzo Ball Soup

    By Sandy Southivilay

    It is almost impossible to celebrate the beginning of Passover without having the traditional Matzo Ball soup. This year, let’s make it more memorable by supporting good American jobs with this union-made recipe.

  • Union Chef: To the Last of the Cold Weather

    By Sandy Southivilay

    Before we get into the warm months, Labor 411 has one more recipe for those cold days that are hanging around: vegetable beef soup! It’s jam-packed with lots of vegetables to help boost the immune system; plus, its delicious ingredients will support good jobs.

  • Union Chef: She’ll Flip for These Pancakes

    By Sandy Southivilay

    On Valentine’s Day, wake your special someone to these delicious, love-filling Valentine pancakes. These pancakes aren’t like any ordinary pancake. They’re fluffy, soft and topped with a sweet vanilla yogurt sauce and sprinkles that will surly make your significant other’s heart melt. Be sure to make his or her day with these pancakes, and shop union to support your fellow hardworking Americans.

  • Union Chef: Super Bowl Sliders* (*Good for Conference Championships, too)

    By Sandy Southivilay

    The NFL Conference Championships are this weekend and the Super Bowl is soon to follow, so we’ve come up with an easy-to-make and savory appetizer for your parties! The Super Bowl Slider will quickly become a favorite among partygoers. It’s positively a touchdown-worthy bite you wouldn’t want to miss! Like all our recipes, we use union-made ingredients. Support good jobs and enjoy!

  • Union Chef: A Golden Chicken Pot Pie

    By Sandy Southivilay

    With the kids at home for this chilly winter break, a nice, delicious home-cooked chicken pot pie will definitely bring a smile to their glowing faces. This recipe has the perfect combination of creamy on the inside and crispy on top. Not only is this dish a hit on the cold winter nights, but buying the union-made products listed below will also support good American jobs.

  • Union Chef: Grinch Popcorn

    By Sandy Southivilay

    “And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling. ‘How could it be so?’…Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!”

  • Union Chef: A Classic Latke

    By Sandy Southivilay

    A Hanukkah feast wouldn’t be the same without the customary latkes. Make these classic potato pancakes as an appetizer and dip them in a delicious applesauce or sour cream. Whichever way you choose to make your latkes, make them right and support good jobs by using our union-made recipe. Happy Hanukkah!

  • Labor 411’s Secret Family Stuffing Recipe

    By Michael Teitelbaum

    You’re in charge of the stuffing and want to impress, so you’ve promised a secret family recipe, passed down through the generations. You may have fibbed a little.

  • Union-Made Gifts for the Holidays

    Kicking off your holiday spending with super-deals on Black Friday? While a good deal might save you buck, Labor 411 believes your money should go toward a quality, union-made gift that has the backing of strong American labor. We’ve got a few things to get you started.

    Jelly Belly
    See’s Candies
    Thin Mints