• Thanksgiving is the New Black Friday and Other Holiday Shopping Trends

    By Evan Henerson

    On the one hand, more big box stores are staying open for Thanksgiving. At the same time, an increasing number of workers are pushing back, protesting having to work on Black Thursday.

    Welcome to Holiday Shop-a-palooza 2017. Don’t forget to bring your smartphone, your tablet and plenty of plastic.

  • Don’t Shop on Thanksgiving

    By Evan Henerson

    Who doesn’t love a door-busting, fight-inducing, gotta-have-it-now deal?

    The better question, as you set your Thanksgiving day plans, is who does love a holiday?

  • On Thanksgiving, Thank a Union

    By Evan Henerson

    Where do we even begin?

  • Reasons to be Thankful: The Equal Pay Act of 1963

    By Kelly Ross

    Women’s rights were at the forefront of this year’s presidential election in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s historic campaign and President Elect Donald Trump’s sexist, misogynistic and outright bigoted rhetoric. Given the blatant disrespect and depression of women being rampant in the news, it is painfully clear that the fight for gender equality is far from over.

  • Taking Back Thanksgiving by Boycotting Black Thursday

    By Evan Henerson

    Shortly after Labor Day, a segment of the consumer masses traditionally start flooding Brian Rich’s Facebook page, telling the Boise Idaho-based marketing executive what they will not be doing on Thanksgiving.
    They will not be shopping, which is exactly the message that Rich, the founder of the Boycott Black Thursday movement, is hoping to send.

  • Reasons to be Thankful: VETS

    By Michael Messina

    It seems appropriate that Veterans Day and Thanksgiving fall within a couple weeks of each other on the calendar. Veterans are high up on the list of what we are thankful for, day in and day out. It’s why the world of labor tries to take care of them as best they can when looking for civilian employment. And it’s programs like the Department of Labor’s Veteran’s Employment and Training Service (VETS) that lead the way.

  • Our Union Chef Preps for Turkey Day

    By Michael Messina

    The biggest comfort-food spread of the year is about to grace our tables with its rich hues of golden brown, bright orange and cranberry red. And the Union Chef here at Labor 411 has reminded us that this is a great opportunity to eat our way to a better America. The shopping list for Thanksgiving is always a long one and we’ve put ours together with Turkey Day necessities that will support good jobs.

  • Thanksgiving Gathering Dos and Don’ts – A Post-Election Survival Guide

    By Spike Dolomite Ward

    As the Development Director of the Labor 411 Foundation, I’ve been planning on writing a blog for Thanksgiving that would shine some extra light on expressing gratitude through building community and ethical consumerism.

  • Closing Time

    By Kelly Ross

    This year the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN announced that it would be closed on Thanksgiving Day.  In a move that could cost the nation’s largest shopping mall potential revenue, the Mall of America operators made it clear that they value people over profits… something that is far too uncommon these days.

  • Keep Black Friday Out of Thanksgiving: Sign the Petition

    By Michael Messina

    Black Friday has been creeping into Thanksgiving for a few years now and the farther the hours roll back, the more we cringe here at Labor 411.